Tipologie di Borse

Types of Bags

A bag can be of various shapes and sizes, although in the common meaning of the term this mainly refers to small ones, also called handbags, which constitute an important accessory for women.



Metal chain storage bag

Basket-shaped bag typical of Sicily, made by weaving dwarf palm leaves
Hand Bag 
Medium size women's bag
Hobo Bag
Featuring a crescent shape under the handle for the way it folds when set down or carried
Crossbody or Shoulder Bag
Bag with handle that rests on one shoulder and falls, crossing the chest and back, on the opposite side
Satchel Bag
Rectangular bag with flap that closes on the front with a single or double buckle
Doctor Bag 
Square shape , large capacity, divided handles for access from above and sometimes external pockets.
Bucket Bag 
Bucket-shaped bag with flat base and very roomy. Yes stands out for the particular lace closure that curls the upper edges.
Wristlet Bag 
The Wristlet Bag is a wallet or clutch bag with a ring-shaped wrist strap designed to be worn on the wrist
Belt Bag 
Designed to be worn around the waist, meant for carrying small items.
Clutch Bag
Thin and flat bag designed to be held in the hand or under the arm, without handles or shoulder strap
Saddle Bag
Bags with flaps and long shoulder straps; they look like the bags that were once hung from the saddle of a horse, hence the name.
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